Send email to jlrm Hopefully will be faster and more robust. Add pinner to Your Buddy List. So just a quick update. But still does not add items to auction house. The main priority is making sure your settings.

auctionator 3.3.5a

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[Tool] Auctionator – Bulk up your servers AH with random items(!)

Send email to Ross. Does this work in Cata Beta?

Send email to Dajova. Ross A Theradrim Guardian Forum posts: Originally posted by Zirco Well, I still can’t reproduce it.

If the content will be 4. Is there any command? Send email to jlrm But before I did I tossed it in the ah to see if I could get more from just AH it and auctionator said I should sell it for 2g 37s which was below the vendor price. Hey guys, Cool, glad to see people tried to use this at least – Sorry about any issues with compatibility I coded this about months ago and no longer have the source, nor a WoW server to test it out on, so I don’t remember the specifics, but it should work along the lines of something like: You have just downloaded by the author.


Add pinner to Your Buddy List. Send email to Shadowblack.


Send a private message to Wilczan. EventAlert is also able to handle more than auctionatorr proc at a time EventAlert 4. Send a private message to nickyjean. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

auctionator 3.3.5a

Last edited by Cookie16; at 3.3.5x The same way you would add on the original Blizzard Interface. Diablo 3 Interface Fully functional Tested by me also known as rothUI – Features animated orbschanges color per classincludes name platesraid interfaceall in one bagfonts with shadow easier to read everything including chatalso includes OmniCCand I think I forgot to remove Zygor Talent Advisorso I think that’s there too.

Last edited by chaoticd35; at Or is there a beta of this addon out there somewhere to DL? I’ll give it a go when I get home tonight.

auctionator 3.3.5a

Add adawong to Your Buddy List. That could easily be your problem IMO. Send a private message to incognitoo. Its like having the server 3.


Works with the current patch http: Actually the settings make you appear on top of him. For instance I was hoping to set up pets as something that was put on for 48 hours while Glyphs I do for 12 hours as an example, while my default for just putting something on might be 24 hours. If you can bring yourself to use the auctuonator, head on over. Send a private message to Shadowblack.

Most ppl after using see a huge dps increase It’s called Ovale. Ok, So i tried this but it adds items to my characters bag and not into the Auction house. I have a suggestion it’d be good to implement a very useful data but not good to keep in mind.

Forgot to add Screenshot: