Got tired of Tmobile and windows OS, even tmobile help told me to get android. MikeG September 1, at 6: Does Gingerbread work on this if not which android os should I use. So my question is, is my hd2 actually running android or is it a ROM? Hi Neal, I did everything right and after i turned on Haret.

clrcad.exe and haret.exe for htc hd2

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[Q] Source code for clrcad.exe and haret.exe

Naveed October 19, at 5: Clrcad.eze as soon as I install it is it permanent? NeaL Pradeep August 13, at 4: And must be crashing often and getting a lot of lag.

Adam Conolly, 03 Mar Hi. Maarten March 1, at 7: Is your GPS on cuz mine does that when the gps is off.

K April 30, at 7: I keep putting 2. Newest first Oldest first Best rating. I had to send it in for off button to be fixed it wouldn’t turn off.


clrcad.exe and haret.exe for htc hd2

Am I to type the same sh-t over and over every time? I followed your tutorial and managed to install Android 2.

Install Android Gingerbread on HTC HD2 with GingerHD2

Pradeep Neela February 8, at 3: Sebastian March 16, at 2: Does it work if the phone is operator locked? Not the SD card.

clrcad.exe and haret.exe for htc hd2

Hi, my HD2 already had froyo2. Neal Pradeep May 1, at 7: I am also wondering if I need to copy all 3 of haret.fxe data.

HTC HD2 – Steps to Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS

March 13, at Lisa yes, copy all of them, it will be in the folder itself. Oh thanks buddy em gonna try it, haget.exe me luck.

clrcad.exe and haret.exe for htc hd2

I noticed you told someone above to configure their APN settings. NeaL Pradeep August 26, at 1: Then run that 2 files on the phone in the order I said. You should try to download the files again and unzip it. Hi Guys I am using HTC HD2 and I also have HTC touch Diamond fpr the common problem i have with my phones is that they sometimes freeze and unable to do a anf phone call sending messages nothing they just freeze even if i switch off or reset still they do same thing.


Samsung Galaxy A50 review.

[Q] Source code for and | HD2 Android

Anthony, 25 Dec I’m only in the HD2 forum now. Todd June 3, at 6: Neal Pradeep March 19, at 5: Not seeing u in gmail too.

It didn’t fall or anything, just messing up. Matt,is ur phone is running clgcad.exe, i mean are you able to use all the apps in your phone?