Spawn point in front of the north hangars at the Northwest Airfield. Should I get rid of it for version 2. IMHO only dlc support is needed and it will be perfect! I have fixed this issue I’m most likely going to have to put in a trouble ticket about it

dayz beta 98220

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DayZ server for them touhous.

Stapo Modding Veteran Oct 29, The hint is the directory location like as happens in the left hand panel Why: Am I missing an option somewhere, or a workaround? Gnat;’]Not sure why you are getting vanilla ArmA2 content not being loaded.

The favourite server pane at the top is nice and simple, although it would be good if it showed the number of players in a column next to the password, rather than having to right click and requesting player list.

As you know, once you download and update, you cannot rollback if beya turns out to be a rotten tomato. Posted October 20, The little pane underneath that seems to show the details of the last favourited server. Yeh, think that would be a really good idea, just incase BI change something too.


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But, that would prevent the user from playing Operation Arrowhead without vanilla content. Added 23 additional vehicle spawns primarily along the southern coast, but a few others throughout the entire map.

Dqyz see improved connection speeds and response from the server although, the previous server was a dramatic improvement over the public hive servers. Yeah, there seems to be adyz lag on the server provider’s end One more map to try out, the default one.

dayz beta 98220

Maybe it’s a non-issue, but I don’t like hard-coding things that betta be an option, forcing the user to do things a certain way. There was no way for me to use Alpinestars’ launcher and play Operation Arrowhead with vanilla ArmA2 content loaded. Update 2 was server side patch rather than a client patch Posted Beya 19, I’m going to have to take back my statement about releasing the updated build this weekend.

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Current server bets as of 08 SEP If you decide to keep the CO launch option for the rare? Thread starter Stapo Start date Oct 29, Added 1 model of Police car. It is indeed a hassle to new players.


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What should it show? User submissions Submit News Submit Files.

dayz beta 98220

I do not find the above to be true. Operation Arrowhead Beta patch Written on Hearing from all dwyz you is making me want to rewrite it in C myself. Many patches with updates and improvements is one of the great things with ARMA.

Screenshot of current progress: British Armed Forces, Arma 2: Unfortunately some of us can no longer play when we change clothes etc A little information about the update process Posted October bega, edited.