By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Don’t have an account? My personal strategy is to have Wizardmon reduce his defense with the Vadermon variable, have Tailmon act as tank and physical attacker, and Agumon as healer and sniper. Holydramon has the best healing ability you can hope for. Agumon escaped with Taichi ‘s Digivice and tried to send it to different children. Mostly water, with a few mountains and flat land spots Naturally, digimon suited to their own field type do better in those particular fields. File Island Mansion – right File tou no yakata – migi Floors:

digimon adventure anode cathode tamer english

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digimon adventure anode cathode tamer english

This will tide you over until you get the other Chosen Children’s digimon. Given that this game is mostly being played by emulation users, this is meaningless to most of you. Lets you move a certain number of squares Battle: The games collectively are the first installment in a series of Digimon games following the transdimensional adventures of Ryo Akiyama, who would later make two cameo appearances in Digimon Adventure 02 and become a main character of Digimon Tamers.

I hope it helps. On New Year’s Eve, he finally found a child willing to take up the Digivice and help him save Taichi and the others: Views Read Edit View history.


Botamon, Koromon, Punimon, Tsunomon Boss: For reference, I’m playing the first edition release of Cathode Tamer, which came with a Millenniumon card and shiny foil box. Play more games like Digimon Digital Monsters: Arcade Spot will bring you the best games without downloading and a fun online gaming experience on the internet.

Digimon Anode/Cathode Tamer: Veedramon Version – Wikimon – The #1 Digimon wiki

Continent’s Fortress Tairiku no Toride Floors: This party may be slow-moving and probably not have many variables, but it can work. How much damage they do.

digimon adventure anode cathode tamer english

Countdown for how long you have until potty time. For each major dungeon you clear, another leaf will cathove. Using Taichi’s Digivice, Ryo can tame wild Digimon and have them fight in battle for him.

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Digimon Digital Monsters: Anode/Cathode Tamer

The difficulty in the dungeons afterwards is a bit higher, so be careful. Go on a difficult and deadly adventure to rescue the DigiDestined and defeat Millenniumon. I hope you have lots of recovery items and variables. Don’t have an account? Forgot your username or password? On December 31,while chatting online a blackout occurs and Ryo’s mother xigimon him to check the fuse-box. At the very tail end ofsomething very peculiar happened.


For the nitpickers This file has a Variable Guide. The two versions are practically identical to each other, except for some monsters that are exclusive to one version including the two main Digimon Machinedramon and Kimeramon that are both exclusive monsters for their version.

Click anywhere outside of the emulator screen to show controls. Oh, wait, wrong question. Even with this sort of limit, he has to defeat various and sundry evil digimon along the road to rescuing the Chosen Children and finally taking on Millenniumon.

To clear out these status problems, use the Toilet or the Meat “niku” for those playing the Japanese version on the digimon in question.

You may just want to ditch the field annoyances entirely, in which case you’ll want an entire party of flying digimon. Unknown, probably similar to the Cathode list Cathode: December 15, Anode Tamer JP:

digimon adventure anode cathode tamer english