I would like to see 2 good players playing. Have anyone here besides me got it? What am I doing wrong? If running Dolphin in 30fps causes LLE audio speed to cut in half as well, then I’ll write another code to match the audio speed to the game speed. We may have found a trick in dolphin that will dramatically lower the entrance requirements to try Melee

dolphin r6515

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There are few unexplained desyncs, but in most cases it means somebody set something up wrong. It also keeps sound and music normal!! It seems Massive I 6r515, it was was a bit misguided in his research using vanilla Dolphin to play Melee online properly.

Rename variable in WiiSaveCrypted for icc. AlphaKennyTime Say my name. Izuhu Smash Journeyman Oct 20, I play x without issues, no glitches or weird dolpgin, see through objects or anything dodgy.

Game cube emulator?

I’d like to know a little bit more about why there seems to be a crusade against using Dolphin’s netplay online. I’d really love some help with my Wiimote pairing problem if anyone has any ideas.

I mostly just want to play supermario sunshine and luigi’s mansion. I don’t remember the paint being near invincible though.


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I don’t get any input lag from my controller. Please disable your adblock on Smashboards, or go premium to hide all advertisements and this notice.

dolphin r6515

Status Not open for further replies. Credits go to miquelmartos from the forums for the patch ; Revision Revert most stuff from r and revert r I wanna see multiple opinions of people who have tried this before I do.

dolphin r6515

I think its a pretty decent speed. Enable cheats, and add these to your melee cheat list. Some of us would not bear the missing sound of a flying birdwhile some of us would deal with it. View the full version with r615 formatting. Get one with the Classic Controller Pro and you’re all set.

We’ll definitely check that build out. The paint eventually comes back but there’s no point in washing any of it away if mario still slides even after it’s gone.

Controller not working In Emulation. I originally said about how much lag was compared to Brawl, but I don’t have a true way to test it outside of how it feels to me, so I’ll say this. Also, adjust your setting according to the Dolphin wiki and stick to low settings if you want the original GameCube experience AND don’t want to mess around with them so much.


We may have found a trick in dolphin that will dramatically lower the entrance requirements to try Melee Mario sunshine should not be a problem As I’ve seen your specsthey are double better than my tabletit dilphin handle a lot of GameCube games. I’m posting this thread in hopes that somebody can get me to run Wind Waker on the best if not full speed possible, either by changing the graphic settings or colphin around with the hardware itself.

Download Dolphin

Well I guess I’m off to dolphjn latest dev version. Choose any nickname – no registration required. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. New build has settings sync, a true 30 FPS hack with working audio, and a dual-core fix.

I have temporarily disabled the use of std:: Netplay Configuration Spoiler This is, perhaps, the most important part of playing Melee online with Dolphin’s netplay function.