How to go viral with newsjacking? The release of the original Dumb Ways to Die song was carefully planned to maximise the impact that particular medium could have. Dumb Ways to Die [Video file]. Come on, if you are going to port a mobile game to PC regardless of whether it is a UWP , at least try running it on more than one computer. Indeed, if the same creativity that is deployed for an exiting startup or an established global brand is applied to a lower-profile client, great things can happen. This site uses cookies.

dumbs ways to die mp3

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In the case of Dumb Ways to Die, this is achieved by utilising the different platforms to their potential and thus giving them each their own uniqueness.

dumbs ways to die mp3

The song behind the advertising topped sales charts and digital download charts across the world, and McCann would eventually release a suite of plush toys for the many young fans that now felt that the Dumb Ways to Die characters were as familiar as the Minions, the Muppets, or Sesame Street characters.

It was the most successful and most awarded campaign in the history of the Cannes festival. Certainly, traditional public safety announcement models have all too often focused on shocking the viewers, and over time this has become predictable to the point where many people would simply ignore it.

Fly Fast to Dodge the Danger! Much of its success can be attributed to the fact that each platform has been used to their awys potential. This physical release incorporated a much younger audience, but an important one nonetheless.

Who cares, just RUN! By offering a means for the content to be shared as a video, as a GIF, as a game, as a song, and eventually as a plush toy, McCann was able to hit multiple channels all at once.


The strategy that the agency took to take dujbs advertisement viral was entirely authentic.

The window doesn’t fit the entire picture. While it is hard to attribute this result directly to the campaign, it is a positive statistic that does help argue that the campaign has been effective.

dumbs ways to die mp3

Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. If the brand story is still being developed and if there is room to craft a truly original message then its an attractive proposition for any agency.

Readers, thus, have a strong incentive to continue dumgs elaborate on these story elements, working them over through their speculations, until they take on a life of their own Jenkins, Waya agency understood that there was no single social media channel that would deliver the virility that they sought.

Dumb Ways to Die and Lessons for Going Viral

Dumb Ways to Die is one of the most successful np3 marketing campaigns of all time. Stay on the Dolphin as long as you can. I was very pleased to see that this game is very similar to the original version that came out years ago. Volatile Marshmallow Toasting Mmmm The Strategy McCann could have taken an unoriginal approach and rolled out a typical safety campaign. Hayes also explained that cross media productions can be qualified on different levels, depending on how well they link the platforms and content together.

The agency understood that early adopters would be key way success, so we amplified shareability by creating.

Dumb Ways To Draw. Dumb Ways To Kill Oceans World Ocean Day The gaming for good wqys Playmob has collaborated with the team behind Dumb Ways to Die to create Dumb Ways to Kill Oceans a playable ad designed to raise awareness of some of the biggest challenges faced by our oceans, educate audiences about the devastating effects we are having on them […] Continue reading The Client When it comes to clients there are some agencies that seek out the newest, sexiest, and hottest young companies.


McCann could have taken an unoriginal approach and rolled out a typical safety campaign.

Dumb Ways to Die and Lessons for Going Viral | DOZ

The Tumblr page also allows the audience to interact with the campaign, as many Tumblr users enjoy reblogging and sharing posts. It took a local, un-sexy public service announcement brief and built a global viral hit. No idea, but you better jump them. Most helpful Most helpful Most recent Highest rated Lowest rated. If you are looking to take an advertisement viral then doing things the same way everyone else has or offering only what is expected is not the way to do it.

The game is made very well, engaging the viewer by getting them to tap, swipe and rub the screen — or even blow into the microphone!

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