May 18, DVDFab 9. A problem that the required free space in output directory is doubled if Web Optimized option is selected at the Advanced Settings panel when converting with MP4 relevant profiles in the Ripper modules. A crash problem when ripping DVD to 3D profiles in certain cases, such as: Introduced the brand-new non-linear video editing feature in the Video Converter module. A failure problem when converting with protected ISO source in Ripper.

dvdfab blu-ray 3d ripper

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September 01, DVDFab Improved the support to collect the Meta Info of Blu-ray sources.

A problem that DVDFab does not display correctly after updating from the old version in certain cases. A problem that the preview engine failed to d3 in certain cases. Added support to duplicate a task with right-click on the title in Ripper.

Added support for a new Java protection as found on “The Last Stand”. An out of memory problem when ripping to. A problem that the movies cannot be displayed in DRM Removal in certain cases. Added the support to choose different Dolby Versions at the Advanced Settings panel of Dolby Vision relevant conversion profiles. A subtitle output failure problem when converting with external subtitle in Ripper and Video Converter.


Blu-ray 3D Ripper

A failure problem when opening certain Blu-ray discs. Improved the support for the Customize and Merge modes in the Blu-ray Copy module.

A problem that the resolution is wrong when converting. Added the support for new Blu-ray sources. July 21, DVDFab Jitters and pixelated problems when playing back the copied Blu-ray 3D discs in stand-alone player. February 15, DVDFab November 29, DVDFab 9. April 03, DVDFab Completely redesigned operational logics for a better user experience.

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Added the support to remove Cinavia watermarks found on the Chef and Whiplash. A freeze at the beginning problem when creating and CoreAVC decoder is enabled. Dolby Vision conversion profile is selected.

dvdfab blu-ray 3d ripper

Improved the support for the Merge feature in the Video Converter module. The problem that there is no way to set the License Info window not to pop up after software startup. rupper

dvdfab blu-ray 3d ripper

Improved some UI display issues. A customized background picture problem in Creator. Improved the module icons at the top tab bar.


January 15, DVDFab 9.

DV Hardware software and download news

Separated the Youtube Video Downloader from the Video Converter module and moved it to the Utilities tab as a free tool. A freeze problem when ripping Blu-ray to mkv.

An oversize problem when removing Cinavia watermark in certain cases. Improved some UI display problems. January 25, DVDFab 3v 23, DVDFab 9. April 21, DVDFab A read error problem when reading DVDs in certain cases.