Playing sounds Try it online. Increase your score to get new items. Elemental Clash is an easy-to-pick-up, yet very strategic and fast-to-play fantasy card Game for 2 Players. Evolution Journey Enjoy your fun fantasy runner through the six ages of humankind: During the game, the player has to perform different experiments to gain Get your best scores.


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I participated in a gamejam I submitted a quick game only one little level because I was in a hurry Includes extras and power-ups Exporting Visual Studio solution to build and submit Windows Appstore apps. Air Glow Hockey offers an original way to play air hockey game. Help Tiny Neo to become a real Agility champion in this obstacles race! Enjoy your time by playing this game with kid, family, love or friend Fly Peak Pick are: There is no cost for Miner Z Endless, tile based zombie chase with upgrades and lots of different characters to choose from.


Nelio One is a game about speed and strategy. Amazing graphics will take you to the world of sixteenth-century pirates of the Caribbean, where many giedros awaits It’s a turn-based strategy racer, traditionally played on graph paper but now even more exciting on an iPad Retina screen. Play ping pong in the air collecting points by hitting stars, balloons and other obstacles.

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Animal Wild Rescue Rescue wild animals in this simple and addictive match 3 game anytime, anywhere. To find out what version of OpenGL you have, please see here. Release birds is a awesome physics based puzzle game where you need to release some birds from the cage. Missile Defense is an extreme fun gideeros easy gameplay, a good game to relax and free your mind from your busy life.

Do you love anagrams, cryptograms, word puzzles, and games like “Scrabble” and “Wheel of Fortune? After trying out lots of different cross-platform frameworks for mobile game development, he found Gideros SDK in January and liked it so much that he decided giedros stick with it when developing his games.

Why it doesn’t stop Use these dots to get powerups. Description Table of Contents Reviews Authors. You can pick the yellow stars to obtain more points.

Why Choose Gideros?

I have long wanted to create a devlog or something More Information Learn Install Gideros and set up one-click, on-device testing Divide games into logical scenes for proper asset end memory management Use the built-in physics engine inside Gideros Implement pack, level, and level progression logic Manage background music and sound effects Use tweens gderos animations Manage highscores for your players About Have you ever had an giseros idea for a mobile game?


Great entertainment for everybody! Well here’s a chance to play in a unique way to this original game.


Creating your first project. They are many and they are fast.

Ultimate Guide Dissecting Gideros piece by piece this Ultimate Guide composed by community members can answer most of your questions about Gideros. Collect gold keeping the ball as long as possible on the table! You can access the editing function by double-clicking on the LUA file.

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Great game made with Gideros now open sourced, check it out and learn more from real life game code. Gidros another experience before you go. A fun and challenging puzzle game that you have been looking for! Crazy Arrows Crazy arrows is an archery game in which players fire arrows at targets to gain points.