I’ve installed the nanosuit file, but minecraft crashes. You over-modded your minecraft. All versions of IndustrialCraft , starting with v6. My game crashes upon equipping armor? Minecraft crashes if i rightclick on an already placed machine?

industrialcraft 2.0.140

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where do i download IC2 version – IndustrialCraft² – IC² Forum

Like everyone industrialcaft around the forum. I heard something about Jetpack modes?? You can’t find the new ores on chunks that were generated before installing the mod. The server you’re playing one is not properly modified. IndustrialCraft is not and won’t be compatible with anything besides 16×16 solution. There are several Texture-Addons here: Fix the install to continue. You’re using an incompatible version of ModLoader.

Why the sprites aren’t correctly displayed. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. You forgot to enable the nanosuit in the config file. Check the descriptions above to see which indkstrialcraft is need for this mod. Is there going to be any support for HD textures?


where do i download IC2 version 2.0.140

You over-modded your minecraft. With the download, you accept the Copyright of this mod! Somebody made X but it doesn’t work!? This exspecially applies to ModLoader, which is required for this mod.

Nope, i’m a fan of 16×16 and will not do anything from myside to create some compatibility for crappy HD versions. Minecraft crashes if i rightclick on an already placed machine?

industrialcraft 2.0.140

It’s strongly recommended to install these prequesite mods in the listed order onto a freshly downloaded minecraft. If you are using the Nanosuit expansion, this mod can cause incompatibilitys with other mods modifying the fd.

industrialcraft 2.0.140

Download from Mediafire Download from Industrial-craft. This includes config-setup programs, texturepacks, modified versions, tutorials, videos and quite everything else. Navigation menu Industiralcraft tools Create account Log in.

This page was last edited on 26 Augustat If i put stuff in the crafting window, it displays the item, but i can’t take it from the slot?


industrialcraft 2.0.140

This mod should be compatible with everything that’s ModLoader-compatible. Which IDs does your mod use? My game crashes upon equipping armor? Views Read View source View history.

Upon loading, Minecraft stops and gives me an error: All versions of IndustrialCraftstarting with v6. I have blackscreen, your mod sucks, fix UP!

Either start a new world or explore new parts of your world, these will contain new ore. Where do I find the config? Why I can’t find new ores, but can craft the new stuff?