If they make the improvements that just about everyone agrees upon, the game will stand as a worthy remake of the series. JA2 animation is hands down more natural looking and it’s simply not suitable for a modern game to have such crude animations. Having experienced mercenaries train newbies in usefull skills added depth adn a feelign of realism. Inventory management as a whole is incredibly poor. This game is too expensive at any price. I would have loved, if they had added more online mercs and new stuff.

jagged alliance back in action patch 1.03

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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

Anonymous on Mon, 03 December Again, this might be one thing that modders could improve, given developer support. Wed, 31 October Tue, 16 October Savegame Pack – for Realistic Rebalancing Mod Feb 12 Realistic Rebalancing Mod Other 2 comments This savegame pack includes 17 savegames from all stages bacj the campaign both normal and tactical mode.

Get some 4G fool, it’s and you’re a mercenary mastermind.

jagged alliance back in action patch 1.03

Toggle Spoiler I made the huge mistake of accepting the mission to capture the SAM sites so they could evacuate Cambria Hospital not realizing I only had 30 days to do this and that the location of the other SAM sites are very deep in enemy territory.

LokiOne on Fri, 29 June Instead I was only able to get Hitman and Wolf straight away and Hitman comes with a crappy stamina disability that will always affect him. I went in without bias, and even some optimism.


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Tue, 02 October Glowing icons on walls By: I’ve actually had some that ran so far axtion that they hit the edge of the map and just ran along it they were trying that hard to flank. There’s rarely enough of them to withstand even a small counterattack even when they all have AKs or better.

DepressivesBrot They used to justify the lack of sector inventory with their cool, non sectorized map – I call BS on that, seeing as the map pretty obviously uses static sectors at least for key locations haven’t had an intercept in the wilderness yet. NiceKai on Tue, 11 September Metalbeard on Sat, 21 April If they had tried to invest even a little creativity and originality in the game and came out with their own concept they could’ve had a decent 7.

It’s neither natural nor intuitive. Lots of challenges and real time works well as you are able to go into a form of strategy mode.

jagged alliance back in action patch 1.03

To share posts, head to your live site. Back in Action by Coreplay Show: If they make jaged improvements that just about everyone agrees upon, the game will stand as a worthy remake of the series. Igor was an awesome character once you developed him a little bit in JA 2.


Jagged Alliance – Back In Action Download] [Patch]

Tue, 14 February I thought about Fraps-ing this one I did last night it was simply that frickin’ cool and well-planned Pause and Go and real time combat is I will play it again tonight and I’m even looking .103 to it a bit. Well I’m now 31 hours in according to Steam.

About This Game Jagged Alliance Back in Action is a contemporary remake of the latest title in the much-loved Jagged Alliance series of turn-based mercenary-themed strategy games. You should not be looking to acfion the player’s time with arbitrary nonsense.

I went in having played all the Jagged Alliance games and their clones, including the current Jagged Alliance Online Beta. Seriously, this was unforgivable considering how long the game’s been in development. The game gets pretty hard pretty quick. This mod fixes a lot of bugs and typos while adding improvements and reworking all weapons.