Lange released remix album ‘We Are Lucky People’. Posted on Saturday 02 February – Posted on Sunday 27 January – The last Trance Journey was kind of a fast paced live-dance-like set, and on the contrary, this new one is a bit more mellow. Trance Journey 10 to hit iTunes Friday! Jochen Miller – And Then

lange songless boy hagemann remix

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I had a difficult time getting this one up because I moved to Windows, and unfortunately, the podcast software is not supported. The mashup was just featured on Addison’s Rotation podcast on Tuesday, so be sure to check that out as well. Here is a preview of the massive, 20 song tracklist: More Details as the project progresses.

Victoria – Top of 13 Dec

Jochen Miller – And Then Gareth Emery – X Equals 69 Writer and producer. Stine Grove – Crossroads Remixed.

I am the president of this club, and would greatly appreciate it if you stopped by the website in the future, http: In Search Of Sunrise 12 Review. Posted remiix Saturday 02 February – Skye – Drifting Away Producer. One track worth noting is a brand new mashup that I worked on called “You Need the Space,” which will be the leading song to my set. I have just finished mixing and compiling Trance Journey Podcast Episode 9, and I am pleased to announce that it will be available for download on Friday, January 4th.


lange songless boy hagemann remix

Hageman be sure to check out Rotation 75, as it will be featured on that episode of DJ Addison’s Rotation later this week. Posted on Friday 15 February – Posted on Monday 24 December – In Search Of Sunrise Posted on Sunday 27 January – Posted on Thursday 03 January – Trance Journey 11 is now available for download.

The Bonus mix will be available tonight on iTunes as part of the podcast. Lange – Songless Writer and producer.

Lange – Songless (Boy Hagemann Remix) – Текст Песни

Trance Journey 9 Available on Friday. Lange presents Intercity at AH.

lange songless boy hagemann remix

New Trance Journey Available Friday. Trance Journey 11 Available Now. Stine Grove – Crossroads.

lange – songless (boy hagemann remix) скачать mp3

So, please head over to the new website of the club, and thanks for the interest! Lange – We Are Lucky People.

Trance Journey 10 in the Works! Some ideas have been thrown around for the radio server it is still in developmentand one of the ideas having a weekly DJ radio show live on the air. Trance Journey 12 is up now! I also forgot to langee, you can check out Danny C.


Lange – Songless (Boy Hagemann Remix)

I am on the lookout for some new ’08 tunes, and will try to stay current while still including some classics. For the first time, I have mixed a two hour episode. Lange announces 3rd artist album.