Customizing the search hint in the directory lookup interface By default the directory lookup interface prompts users to search for user names by typing last name, first name. Version numbering changes with this fix pack; see About Fix Pack 25 13 January Known problems are documented in the form of individual technotes in the Support knowledge base at http: Domino continuously synchronizes databases so that whichever replica a user opens, the information is always identical. Customizing the search used to determine group membership After the server authenticates a user, it searches for all the groups of which the user is a member, in order to determine user access to places through group membership. Place creation on a cluster server node by qptool replicamaker A place entry for that server cluster node is created. Replacing the English version of online help with a different language version You can download and use a different language version of the installed online help files Main.

lotus quickr 8.5.1

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To install using a command line interface, see the next topic “Performing a silent installation of Lotus Quickr on a Linux operating system.

Lotus Quickr for Domino

To see a list of the hotfixes, type the following IBM i command and press Enter:. No results were found for your search query. For places that were moved from another server, you only would need to reregister the places. If the connection is done to the LDAP directory server anonymously that is, without supplying credentialsthe LDAP directory server must allow anonymous access to the attributes used by Lotus Quickr. You can unregister and re-register all places at once or do it incrementally.


If possible, use the Lotus Domino administration server when creating a cluster. If the primary language of your system is English, you do not need to modify your library list.

You created a local administrator as part of server installation. After you have upgraded places and PlaceTypes, unregister and then re-register the places with the Place Catalog.

lotus quickr 8.5.1

United States English English. If the Place Catalog PlaceCatalog. In addition, you must use the notes. Installs the Lotus Quickr Server on one or more target host systems, specified in double quotation marks in a comma-separated list. Users can open a discussion forum and see the threaded discussion to easily create, view, and delete a new topic. Using distinguished names as the display name is not supported. Specify the DNS hostname of the primary master server for example, master.


lotus quickr 8.5.1

Single file upload with preview on the web. The place is locked on the other servers after replication replicates the lock property on the place’s databases to the other servers. All deployments prior to 8.

About this edition

User directories When you set up directory services to connect the server to a user directory, administrators and place managers can add members to places by selecting names from the directory. To enable Domino Attachment and Object Service DAOSan administrator needs to mark multiple selected databases for attachment consolidation as follows: If you use any IBM Lotus Quickr server that stores non-English content, you must set up the server to generate output using UTF-8 encoding so that page content displays correctly in non-English languages.

Documentation has been moved quuickr wikis instead of InfoCenter. Lltus just add the appropriate parameter to your notes.


IBM Lotus Quickr integrated with Lotus Connections combines social networking for business with the structure of Quickr places for sharing content and ideas. First Edition Published September Users who create places have “owner” access to their places, meaning they can see and edit all place content, as well as control all access to place content.

Setting up a staging environment to perform an quickf Before implementing Lotus Quickr in a production environment, you should consider setting up a staging environment that enables you to perform a side-by-side upgrade to test how well the upgrade process handles any custom themes and placetypes from your Lotus Quickr lotud. To upgrade an existing Lotus Quickr 8.

If all you have on your 8. If Lotus Quickr controls directory services, you can use the default basic name-and-password authentication or multi-server session-based name-and-password authentication single sign-on.

Latest fixes for Lotus Quickr for Domino

See the Quick Start Guide for an overview of the product and how to install it. When upgrading all places at once you need to carefully review the output to ensure that the upgrade has completed successfully for every place. This topic describes how to install Lotus Quickr on a Windows system using a command prompt.

lotus quickr 8.5.1

A local Place Catalog is enabled by default on each Lotus Quickr server.