Within the subdirectory, place copies of all. Make a backup copy of the two. Within that directory, create a subdirectory containing all the. If this changes the results new error message, different error message, etc. If you only want to see the signing certificates, you can use signtool ‘s -l option instead of the -L option. When done, a new archive with the applet directory’s name and the suffix “.

netscape signtool

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Follow the directions for enrolling for a Class 3 software publishing ID. You’ll need to specify this directory when using the code signing tool so that the tool will be able to find the public and private components of your key.

Signing Classes with the Netscape Object Signing Tool (Appdx. C, Sec. 1) [Securing Java]

If this changes the results signtpol error message, different error message, etc. To make sure, search for a directory containing the files “cert7. If you don’t have a digital ID, or you don’t want to re-sign your applet again and again while developing, there is hope. The process is explained in this JavaWorld article: Create a top-level directory for the signing. Then, run jarsign with the name of the applet subdirectory as an argument:.


netscape signtool

Find the checkbox marked “Accept this Certificate Authority for Certifying software developers” and make sure it is checked. You probably have an Email-signing certificate instead of a software publishing certificate. By default, Navigator will let you trust applets with a given signtook signature, or from your local hard disk using file: If not, you won’t. Writing code for Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can also use signtool to sign JavaScript scripts that are embedded in.

Suitable Systems – Signing Applets – Navigator Signing

Another clue is that you never see Navigator’s security dialog, even when your code tries to do secure things. Collect the tools you’ll need: Also, when you execute the batch file you must be in the directory containing the directory to be signed.

You don’t need to export anything, but when you netscapw the code signing tools below you’ll need to specify this directory, the name of the ID to use within the database, and the password for the database if any. Although it should, Navigator 4.

If you sign your applet but you still get security exceptions when you run your applet then you code may betscape be properly using the Netscape Capabilities API to request privileges. So, here is a DOS batch file that creates a signed. Make any necessary changes in the applet’s code see Writing code for Netscape Navigator. When done, a new archive with the applet directory’s name and the suffix “. Within that directory, create a subdirectory containing all the.


Netscape signtool

Make a backup copy of the two. Change to the directory that contains the directory containing your applet’s.

netscape signtool

Being a trusting soul I haven’t set one, so the batch file below shows an empty password. To do this, use signtool to list the contents of the database: For each browser user, Netscape maintains a directory holding various items, including that user’s digital ID database.

Files with the suffix. If signtool can’t find your private key, then perhaps you haven’t been supplying a needed password.

If the archive is signed properly, you’ll get a printout of the contents of the signing ID. The first time you create a signed archive you’ll want to verify it. For safety, you might want to copy these files to a sigmtool place. Signing Applets – Navigator Signing.

Now that you’ve found the digital ID database, you need to know the exact name of your digital ID.