Extract any PK3 files from the zip you downloaded to your baseq3. Sadly, you will need to find this folder by your self – it could be anywhere. It could help if you send me the fscache. Common issues Some maps do not appear in the menu system when you browse for them. Only registered members can share their thoughts.

quake 3 baseq3 folder

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I have installed quake 3 using the pro installer and searched my entire hard drive for the file, but bases3 simply not there. Before my project it wasn’t practical to implement really large limits because the engine usually wouldn’t support it anyway.

Going to the AppData folder first will search from there I believe. Email Required, but never shown. There are two download links to choose from on the Download page. What is the specific error and fix you are describing? Is it possible that is where they are coming from? I might look into implementing a patch of my own based on the ioq3 VM code, but it wouldn’t have all the features of something like UI enhanced. Let’s test out the Modded Minecraft Tech Support close reason.


If it says anything but “”, such as “cpma” or “freezetag”, then baweq3 running a mod. I currently have I will report back once I try this fix. The author of the map did not include an.

You could email it to me at chomenor gmail. Sep 1, 6: Browse until you find your downloaded map, then start it.

Couldn’t Reload Quake III Arena/baseq3/3 – LvL – Quake 3 Arena Maps (Q3A Custom Maps)

When I applied this fix, the error doesn’t appear anymore, and instead I get the issue stated in my previous posts. You did not put the PK3 into the baseq3 folder. You can find these point releases at ftp: I tried running the game once, then searched for it again some games create files at first startup but still no q3config.

quake 3 baseq3 folder

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quake 3 baseq3 folder

I can see only maps, but have more than that. Downloads 12, 2 today. The quick version The suake information may not work for all maps.


[HQQ] High Quality Quake – v file – Mod DB

Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. Thanks so much for the hours spent on making this game so much better! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Create a sub folder called “baseq3” inside your quake3 directory. Create a ‘HQQ’ directory where the fodler.

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Last edited by Zok ; Quaoe 1, 6: Oh, didn’t even think of that first solution! ZerTerO Apr 15 Install steps: You can start the map from the console. Oh well, I tried to help!