May 2, at 2: After skimming over wololo’s blog and some other sites. May 5, at 1: Read about them now! Replace your ‘Content Manager Assistant’ folder in: Yden – ,

vhbl r148

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If anyone of you guys had an investment you will not let your investment go in flames.


It is also good to note that Wololo is on vacation and he has welcomed anyone in the PSP homebrew scene who wishes to step up and make the required fixes to the incompatible homebrews. Hello PSP homebrew Fans! If any bugs are vhbk and they are exploitable Being very optimistic here!

vhbl r148

Published on April 28, at 4: Hi vangelo, I am not aware of such a thing. April 28, at 6: Must be a site bug. They don’t care if it does not enable piracy of Vita games in any form Vhvl you want to thank me for the release process, please donate to the Red Cross, depending on your country they accept paypal.


Goku – April 28, at 2: I mean it’s cool and all to have homebrew but the main reason people do it is for piracy. Which I am happy for what Sony has done with the ps3.

Way too many people talked about the release publicly on our forums, despite the message on the forum clearly stating not to.

vhbl r148

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But then they could just as easily fix the exploit Hopefully, you’ve scored yourself a copy of the game before then. It has been shown several times that the completely blind, herding sheep of Sony fanboys will automatically blame the hackers and bend over making sure they pucker up their ass cheeks for Sony. R1148 Share this post on Digg Del.


Useful if you have a game for VHBL and you don’t wish to loose your exploit. Yden, that is an extremely good point and for some one knowledgeable, it’s something worth investing time into.


vhbl r148

Featured content Manager assistant. Saturday, 28 April The Exploit Hunt! April 27, at 8: Now comes the stressful moment for me: Read about them now!

Also this version of VHBL has some bugs in it aka many homebrews wont start or crash and some won’t function like they should. I’d dare say if it happened Sony would be in a tight situation I was wondering if we can still go online in the sense of using the web browser or is it set in a way as soon as the system is online the game is pulled? May 5, at I suggest anyone with psp running custom firmware and would like to contribute. Replace your ‘Content Manager Assistant’ folder in: Menace – ,