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Painting a house can be an expensive endeavor. To ensure success and save yourself from unnecessary costs, always select an experienced, licensed, and insured painter for this endeavor.

Indirect costs refer to expenses not directly related to your job, such as renting the painting contractor’s truck and equipment, utilities fees, wages for their crew members etc. They should all be included as part of your price estimate.

Ask for Recommendations

Paint can transform a home, adding vibrancy to dull facades and freshening up outdated surfaces. But it is essential to understand what to look out for when hiring professionals to transform the walls in your space.

Begin your search by reaching out to those you already know and asking them for recommendations of painting contractors they have worked with in the past. Additionally, browse online reviews on websites such as Angie’s List or Yelp for guidance.

Some Painters Melbourne operate as one-man shows or small businesses, offering more cost-effective services; however, these may lack the equipment (large ladders and insurance policies) necessary to complete larger jobs successfully.

Painters who run larger companies take their business more seriously, often offering more experience than smaller painters. You might find a portfolio of past work to show, valid insurance coverage and testimonials/references/testimonials; perhaps they even belong to industry associations and support communities – an indication that they’ve established themselves and care about both customers and communities alike. Furthermore, you should receive an estimate that includes both direct and indirect costs from them.

Search Engines

When hiring professionals, make sure they’re insured and experienced working on homes with high ceilings. Look for websites featuring images of previous projects as well as reviews written by clients to gain an idea of their level of expertise.

Many painting contractors use Google Ads to draw customers online and generate high-quality leads, making this an efficient and cost-effective method of reaching potential clients. Their ads appear only when someone searches for “painting contractors” or similar terms online.

Nigel advises those experiencing sticker shock to work with their contractor to find options that meet their budget. In an ideal world, contractors would provide free consultations so they can assess your project more accurately and give an accurate quote; this helps prevent unexpected costs in the future. Furthermore, contractors must be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to handle lead paint removal and renovation. If not already certified they must acquire this certification before commencing works.


Many painting businesses operate with websites. These sites typically feature galleries of past work, listings of services offered, customer testimonials and forms to request a painting estimate from them.

These websites typically require web hosting services and often offer a free trial period that can help test the waters. Other lead generation websites, like Angie’s List (Angi), may prove more hit or miss in terms of leads generated.

Professional painters must possess a valid state license, worker’s compensation and liability insurance to cover accidents during the project, certification to handle lead paint if needed and accurate tracking of hours worked and progress made to help avoid any misunderstandings between you and the contractor. Furthermore, keeping tabs on them helps plan out budget accordingly.

Word of Mouth

Providing excellent painting work will earn your clients’ loyalty, and they’ll be eager to recommend you to their friends. A good painter understands that their reputation is their most powerful weapon in bringing in new business.

An optimized Yelp Business Page can also increase your search engine rankings and bring in leads from people searching for local painters. Claim your free Yelp Business Page today and use it to showcase customer reviews, share photos and provide your contact info!

Reach out to local property managers, real estate agents and builders. These professionals are often looking for reliable contractors that can deliver top-quality work. Introduce yourself and describe the services your company offers, providing discounts to these professionals for choosing you; once their projects have been completed you could even send your clients thank-you notes showing your appreciation and urging them to recommend your company to friends.

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