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Building Inspections are designed to help property owners ensure that builders comply with the regulations to protect your investment and your security. A building inspection is not only for evidence of structural damage, but also for potential future structural damage to your property. Property owners are provided with the opportunity to attend the inspection to either question the inspector, have questions answered or even request certain services. Once the property has been inspected it is placed on the market for future sales.


Many inspectors offer a range of services to property-owners within the building code. Some Inspectors specialize in areas such as energy, plumbing, roofing and fire prevention. Other Inspectors are general and are responsible for inspecting all areas. A majority of inspectors will provide a free initial inspection to assess their work and then give a written report. In most cases an inspection is not required prior to purchase, however, it can be beneficial. A licensed inspector might recommend a professional pre-sale inspection in certain cases.

When choosing a building inspector, there are several things you should consider. You want an honest inspector who will conduct a thorough and reliable inspection. Be sure to find an inspector who is licensed. A building inspector must also give you a written summary of each inspection. Always ask for the names of previous clients. If a company does not list past clients in their website, move on to another company.

A plumbing inspection is very important when considering a purchase of a commercial building. Professional plumbing inspectors will provide an independent assessment of the condition of the main sewer, septic tank, water heater, and plumbing fixtures. Plumbing leaks can impact the safety and durability of a structure. Commercial property owners should not depend on a single commercial plumber to create a comprehensive report. Plumbing issues should be included in the building condition assessments for every floor, as well as a general site report for the entire property.

You will need to find out about the experience and specialties of your building inspector before you hire them. Before you hire an inspector, it is important to inquire about their certifications and specialties. NSSL inspectors are those who have been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. These inspectors have the ability to find potential plumbing problems and fix them before they cause harm to safety and public health. They are provided with additional training every two year to keep them up to date on the latest technology and best practices.

Before a commercial building inspector shows up to your property, he or she will collect a comprehensive set of information. This information includes a detailed site report, a preliminary surveys report, drawings, photographs, and other relevant documents. The inspectors will inspect the site once they arrive. Most Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne take between one and one week.

Building Inspector

The primary purpose of a commercial building inspection is to ensure the safety and the proper functioning of the property. A successful inspection reduces risks for the building owner and protects investment already made. A thorough inspection will allow you to see improvements you may not have noticed otherwise. It is important that you work with a trustworthy building inspector and follow his guidelines. It’s important to be open with inspectors if you disagree with their recommendations. This will help you avoid costly mistakes.

The process of commercial building inspections can have many benefits. As a property owner you should never assume that the building is in good condition. Commercial property owners should seek professional help from qualified professionals to ensure their investments are safe and usable. No matter if your property is new or old, you should ensure that your building inspector has the necessary skills and reliability to ensure that your property is safe.


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