Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? EXE utility used by Visual Studio requires more exacting version matches: For more information, see Section 4. I’ve even scrolled to the DLL directly and added it manually. Can somebody lead me in the right direction? The mailbox moves that are supported are only interdomain moves.

cdoexm exchange 2003

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Articles Latest reviews Search resources. Improving the question-asking experience. EXE utility used by Visual Studio requires more exacting version matches: I know there is no table, I was suggesting that a table would be really useful to your user base. I’ve even scrolled to the DLL directly and added it manually.

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Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: I hope the bright boys and girls at Microsoft resolve this issue so that Exchange Wed Jul 28, 3: Dive in and help somebody! Not an IT pro?

cdoexm exchange 2003

YaKs YaKs 49 7 7 bronze badges. For some reason, there is no problem here.

KS-Soft :: View topic – Check mount status of exchange mailbox database

The homeMDB attribute is set during initial configuration, but you can change the setting by modifying the driver policy. I moved it like you suggested and ran test accounts through the script and it didn’t error out like it was doing.


Even though I have Exchange Server SP1 installed just the tools on one machine, and the full application on anotherno new code was introduced to the C: PowerShell – how to set mailbox to a user in Exchange remotely from a Win server Ask Question. However, I get an error from time to time: If there is an optional install, or a file that needs to be copied, I haven’t found it yet.

I’ve tried to install Exchange Service Pack 1 on both computer but still the same. Installed the Exchange Management Tools. This vbs script exchanye be used in conjunction 20003 the external program test from host monitor to check the mount status of an exchange mailbox database. In fact, I can run it against a number of users, then it will just start throwing this error. I ran into the same situation last week.

I am adding echo and sleep commands to the code to try and see what is happening. Hey Eric, I have the same issue, but perhaps cdoexn resources machines of different configurations to figure out what is going on.


Wednesday, July 27, 4: I even built a new box There are code snippets on the web that detail how to fix this.

Sign up using Facebook. I run this code to create the user.

cdoexm exchange 2003

If I run the script locally and add an echo “3” for example to just before the wscript. If your answer is “yes,” you know what to do. If the driver is running on a member server, you must use SSL and you must run the Remote Loader service as a specific domain user with enough rights to delete, create, or move Exchange accounts.

For more information, see Section 4. How do we handle problem users?

cdoexm exchange 2003

So far, all machines in check out as MDAC 2. But the fact Ecchange can log on locally as the service account and run the script fine shows this is not really the issue here.