Resourceful, resilient and undoubtedly ready to absorb all he can, are just some of the attributes that come to mind when thinking of Kateka Sjava and Mashayabhuqe have often been compared by fans because of the supposed similarities in their style, something neither of the artists has commented on in public. Janyouworry , which name-drops maskandi legends Phuzekhemisi and Izingane Zoma, paints a scene of a Braam cool kid, while also referencing the burning of impepho while talking to amadlozi. A burst pipe or a free car wash? Maya the Poet becomes Sho Madjozi!: It’s not so much music as it as a collision of two opposing generations, with Mashayabhuqe acting as the interlocutor. Good Good Good AW

mashayabhuqe izayoni

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Inthe Ambitiouz Entertainment signee released his debut, Isina Muva. It’s why a song like Inhliziyoa song on Isina Muva, could easily be mistaken for maskandi if the vocals were isolated, but the track also sounds perfect over a trap beat. Sifilehis most recent record, borrows its vocal inflections from maskandi and vernac-rap, but its production is trap through and through.

mashayabhuqe izayoni

Yet each has made the style their own. I find myself speaking about plans to travel in hypotheticals, even when I have Four years ago, almost to the day, the then-little known musician had a breakout performance at the annual Back to the City festival.

During the interview, in which he discussed being featured on the Black Panther soundtrack, Sjava recounted his experience upon first hearing trap music in Topics Music The playlist. Get our newsletter straight to your mailbox.

Additionally, Dali ‘s dreamy melody and neck-snapping drums could easily be substituted with the guitar licks characteristic of maskandi.

That pioneering perspective that broke new ground and resonated with the culture of coming to Johannesburg to follow a dream and grappling with urbanity and modernity, dealing with the anonymity and isolation of the city while using it to propel yourself to new heights.


‎Mashayabhuqe KaMamba on Apple Music

He is fresh from AfroPunk in Paris and we fall into step chatting about his experiences in Paris. Thandiswa Mazwai is a longtime inspiration and a fitting collaborator. mashaybhuqe

These simple things, these pieces of his history give context to the person I see before me now, that understands and reconstructs the relations between art, technology and tradition and refuses to be pigeonholed or defined by anybody but himself. Kewpie was a hairdresser and celebrated queer figure from District Six. He is refreshed and ready to work on more music, now on the other side of Amancamnce mixtape, released last year with a host of cosigns from the upper echeleons of the creative industries along with a feature from his friend uMalume KoolKati and a sampling of the original Urban Zulu Busi Mhlongo.

Jamal Nxedlana Image 1: Channelling influences from Busi Mhlongo and Madala Kunene to Kanye West and Izayyoni Iver, the result is the laden, autotune-heavy musings on the collapse of traditionalism and spirituality.

mashayabhuqe izayoni

Resourceful, resilient and undoubtedly ready to absorb all he can, are just some of the attributes that come to mind when thinking of Kateka Gold Cavity Autumn Collection. It is not a new story, but it presents us with a new face, a new hero every so often; some of them shed their skin and make a whole new persona, eschewing their roots for a brighter future. The Alkebulan project is a collective of African artists and writers who aim to release a series of EPs as well as a book.

As your body descends into the underground the darkness slowly caresses your cheek.


The playlist: African pop – Adomaa, Ntjam Rosie and Mashayabhuqe KaMamba

Loading comments… Trouble loading? If those seem at odds, they shouldn’t be. We both geek hard for a second. Somewhere, somehow, we are all linked within the music,” he said.

Mashayabhuqe KaMamba x Thandiswa Mazwai – Izayoni on Behance

Back inI got a few friends together to start a blog that would focus on th In her usual classy and breezy manner, this video celebrates her vows with her husband, who co-stars — they are expecting their first child. Izayoni Tribute – a tribute to his maternal grandmother – kicks off with distorted vocals reminiscent of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy -era Kanye West, before switching to a trap-brass melody and heavy drumwork.

Billy Monk and the Catacombs — Underground Dockside Culture in the Late s As your body descends into the underground the darkness slowly caresses your cheek. Accessories stylist own Image 2: Replete with tales of love and heartbreak, the album went on to sell gold. She was born in and identified as gender fluid according to ava And while some say African trap is a derivative of digital maskandi, that assessment isn’t fair to either artist.

An individual steeped in his tradition and culture, with a mind opened to the global possibilities of his craft. Even his name is a divergence of two worlds at opposite ends: