Second of the Modding awards category: Dear people of the community, we, former and current MOS members, have created a huge submod for your entertainment. If after installing the game you are experiencing problems like for instance being thrown back to the previous menu when starting a campaign or the game crashing to the desktop, the first thing you can try to solve this is running the “Cleaner. Fix provided by twmatador – Inclusion of the latest Gondor settlements by leo. Though due to balancing, an increase in Potential after you have exceeded your Opportunity will increase trade revenue very, very slightly [often taking turns or more to pay for itself].

tatw mos mod

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I’ll continue this as my campaign continues.

This mod will change the look of many of the horse units from the Gondor faction. When things go wrong: Mercenary retraining works just like standard retraining: The mod will automatically install in a separate mod folder. They will ditch their catapults and draw swords.

TATW MOS Strategy

The title generally says it all: Generally, here, a 5 thick line of Watchmen with a 3 thick line of Rivermen will stop an enemy force in its tracks. The current team has released version 1.


Fix provided by twmatador – Inclusion of the latest Gondor settlements by leo. This is how much trade can actually take place. How do you get to recruit ents?

tatw mos mod

P Not very old too, either. Roads provide diminishing returns to both trade and movement.

Massive Overhaul Submod for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms – Mod DB

My modding activity is limited to the DCI: Leave one if you must and keep steamrolling as you constantly train new units and bring them down. Pyrocrax View Profile View Posts. Then go to the download and install instructions section.

tatw mos mod

Log In Sign Up. You will use these in a standard battle line like I have described before – A thick line of infantry with ranged units behind. It has instructions for installing MOS 1. Eethelond’s capture expands the amount of ports you control, and adds another land link for Dol Amroth to trade with.

Genre Real Time Strategy. These patches contain some new content All of my guides assume that you are playing the game right in that regard.

TATW MOS Strategy

Your main advantage is your disposable Watchmen front line shielding the massively damage-dealing Rivermen line. If your general doesn’t have enough Honor, they may rout and cost you the battle. Install the three Bug Fixer files.


tatw mos mod

Gothmog added, Thengel dead etc. Link to Massive Overhaul Submod by selecting a button and using the embed code provided more You absolutely must buy the stables in Thranduil’s Halls on the first turn – they take like 10 turns to regenerate, and 3 turns to build after you build the stables you must wait 15 turns to build your first unit of Silvan Horsearchers. For those of you who don’t know about them, mso is tata worthwhile to check them out.

Massive Overhaul Submod for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms

It can still tztw viewed though and since it was closed the number of views has risen to just shy of 1,4 million. Corsair invasions, earlier invasions, Sauron’s counterattack, immortal Nazgul, immortal heroes, and Mordor’s call.

MOS is more centered around balancing and finding your play style.